What is a Portable Thermal Oxidizer and How Does it Work?

At Air Clear, our Portable Thermal Oxidizers are fabricated to accommodate different process conditions and applications. Our mobile THERMOX units are ideal for customers looking for a solution to their air pollution issues, but require the APC unit to be mobile. Trailer mounted, with or without a skid, we design your unit to be easy to maneuver with a small footprint on the job site. Air Clear mobile units include a self-contained power source and can also use temporary fuel tanks.

Our Thermal Oxidizers work by destroying Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), which are created through various industrial processes by using very high temperatures, 1500 -1,800°F, and remove dangerous emissions from the exhaust.

Our trailer-mounted thermal oxidizer is engineered to capture and eliminate harmful gas vapor from vessels, pipelines, or tanks that contain harmful VOCs & HAPs. Whether installing new equipment and need to shut down or you’re experimenting with a new process and just need a small temporary pilot unit for data, Air Clear has you covered. Our systems are safe, mobile, and highly efficient with a destruction rate of 99.999%. Contact us to get a quote started.

The portable units are ideal for applications that require temporary use, such as:

  • Remediation, Soil Treatment & Landfills
  • Oil, Gas, Energy, Ethanol, Natural Gas
  • Painting, Printing & Coating
  • Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical
  • Food Production
  • Remediation, Soil Treatment & Landfills

The Air Clear Advantage:

  • Custom Engineered for your Application Parameters
  • Durable, Low Maintenance & Designed for any Weather Conditions/Climate
  • Turnkey, In-House Fabrication with Factory Acceptance Testing Pre-Shipment
  • Variable Flow Rates for any application waste stream are customized per customer’s requirements
  • Skid, Trailer Mounted, and most importantly…Portable
  • Operate as a typical Thermal Oxidizer with state-of-the-art System Features, integrated Safety Features & Fully Automated Operation with NEMA Control Panels
  • Reduced Footprint, perfect for applications with Limited Space & Road Travel
  • Able to be customized for Corrosive Applications & High Temps

Air Clear works with an extensive list of fortune 500 oil companies, from large refineries to small chemical plants. We perform tank, vessel, ship, barge, and pipeline degassing, as well as vapor control services. We do that by using: thermal oxidizers, IC engines, passive & counterflow vapor scrubbers, flares & granular media vapor scrubbers.

Our engineering team also markets various media for the neutralization, absorption, or adsorption of various industrial vapor streams, including liquid chemistries, granular activated carbons (made of coal, coconut shell, and specialty media). At Air Clear our experienced engineers carefully review your process data, then they work rapidly to design the proper equipment for your project.

That is because at Air Clear our units feature:

  • Customized waste stream flow rates to your application requirements
  • Trailer-mounted Portable Thermal Oxidizers
  • Fans, burner, vaporizer, and combustion chamber manufactured to industry standards and fully insulated to provide safe operation (natural gas or propane)
  • The exhaust stack is fully insulated with height above-grade-level for additional safety during discharge
  • Fully automated oxidizer operation, including system controls and safety interlocks
  • Flame trap, inlet manifold, knock-out pot, and dampers ensure safe, efficient processing
  • Low maintenance operation in outdoor environments. NEMA 4 panel and enclosure are rated for outdoor use

Air Clear has been engineering and manufacturing mobile units for over 30 years so we are more than capable of expertly providing our customers with cutting-edge designs that are cost-effective for our clients. Our units are easy to learn how to operate with onsite training from our experts and redundantly safe for any tank degassing process. Shutdowns can be costly so Air Clear not only keeps our clients compliant, but our extensive experience in the industry ensures that we adhere to strict timetables on site so you can get your process back up and running swiftly…without ever sacrificing compliance or safety.

An image from a Factory Acceptance Test of the burner being started up/ tested. The Burner Chamber typically operates at 1500°F and is safely monitored by a state-of-the-art Flame Scanner 24/7

Engineered for process flexibility, Air Clear’s mobile thermal oxidizer units are the most effective product on the market for controlling vapors emissions containing high or low concentrations of VOCs and can achieve destruction efficiency in excess of 99.9%. Our engineering staff is available 24/7 for

  • Tank Cleaning Applications
  • Emergency Situations
  • Temporary Requirements
  • Storage Tank Degassing

  • Pipeline Degassing
  • Marine Vapor Recovery
  • Tank & Vessel Degassing
  • Refinery Turnaround Services

Air Clear’s custom designs can provide you with a portable thermal oxidizer to meet your desired requirements. Click the Contact Us link now to get in contact with us and let our experienced engineers get a proposal for your project started today!

Contact Us today for your own quote on a fully customized Portable Thermal Oxidizer for your application.