Air Clear has been supplying Coalescing Fiber Bed Filter Mist Collector Systems to Worldwide Textile Manufacturing

Textile Manufacturing Process in Compton, California. Air Clear replaced ESP.

Plants for over 25 years.  The manufacturing process includes Industrial Fabrics, Medical Textiles, Performance Apparel, and Fabric for Filtration, Footwear, Print Media, Lamination & Composites, Automotive interiors, Carpet, and Window Fashions.


Emission control for Textile Manufacturing is required for compliance with EPA regulation in most countries for opacity control.

Our Textile Customer’s objectives are to identify a proven, reliable, low cost and maintenance solution to eliminate the opacity and meet EPA regulations.


Fiberbed Filter Systems at Tietex International, South Carolina has been in operation for over 25 years. Air Clear has a total of 6 Mist Collectors operating at Tietex.

Coalescing Fiber bed Mist Collector Systems capture, collect, and remove the liquid mists, aerosols, and sub-micron particles, that cause opacity, smoke, and blue haze. Coalescing Fiber bed technology eliminates aerosol mists and submicron particles from virtually any gas stream. Air Clear Coalescing Fiber bed Mist Collectors are guaranteed to reduce stack opacity to 5% or less, excluding steam and uncondensed materials generally they achieve near zero opacity.


Important Note: Filters will not collect vapor phase molecules and particulate unless vapors are cooled.

Vapors must be cooled to between 120°F -150°F to condense most materials before entering filter. The cooler the exhaust, the more efficient the filter!

Cooling Methods

  1. Cyclonic Scrubber
  2. Air Dilution
  3. Cooling Coils
  4. Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger

Air Clear Systems include permanent filters that are held and cleaned in place. These filters remove solids in the HEPA range helping to extend the main filters life. Main Filters on most textile applications have a life expectancy of 2 sometimes 3 years. Filter can also be steamed for additional life.

Optional Pre-Filter Systems

20,000 ACFM Coalescing Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector for Textile Manufacturing Process

(2) 20,000 ACFM Coalescing Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector on Textile Manufacturing Process operating over 25 years.

Air Clear Pre-filter Systems (indexing Pre-filter) are utilized when tars, stone dust, talc, oils, and solid particulate are present in the process exhaust stream. The Pre-filter protects the main filters in the Air Clear Coalescing Fiber bed Filter Mist Collector Systems.

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