Asphalt Emissions Control

Air Emission
Mitigation & Economic Efficiency in the Asphalt Industry

Asphalt is an important material used extensively in a variety of products including building materials, roofing shingles, coating products, and road & highway pavements. Typically asphalt is stored in large tanks, and is transferred in trucks, boats, and rail cars. In all phases, from production to end use, asphalt generates a visible and odorous air emission problem. With Air Clear’s advanced technology for industrial asphalt plant emissions control systems, companies can mitigate the visible and odorous air emission problems associated with asphalt throughout its lifecycle, ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

As an essential and predominant industry worldwide, Asphalt Production confronts a set of economic and environmental hurdles that Air Clear can comprehensively address.

The processing of asphalt visibly emits vaporized light fractions that condense to form heavy ’smoke’ or ‘blue haze’ emissions. These visible asphalt plant pollution emissions are referred to as opacity. Using a standard filtration system, these liquid mist particles (aerosols) become almost impossible to cost effectively control. Most filter systems do not allow wet particulate matter to drain from the media which in turn builds up the pressure drop across the Filters.

This in turn, drives the need for frequent and costly filter replacement. Air Clear’s FiberBed Filter Units are different. Our unique design, based on a proprietary formula of fiber size, filter bed density, and surface area, allows our filters to constantly draining the condensed aerosols, liquid particulates/oils from our filters. The difference is Air Clear filters last for years, not weeks. They provide a sustainable solution for industrial asphalt emissions control, effectively tackling the challenges of opacity and costly filter replacements.

Owens Corning FBF Removable Top Asphalt

Owens Corning FBF Removable Top Asphalt

FBF and GAC Asphalt Building Products Henry

FBF and GAC Asphalt Building Products Henry

Air Clear designs/engineers, manufactures, installs, and services FiberBed Filter Systems. Our technology is both cost-effective and efficient, the Fiberbed Filter offers superior capital and operating cost advantages and improves longevity, while minimizing the harmful effects of asphalt emissions to achieve an optimized bottom line for our clients. Compatible with single storage tanks, large coaters, or comprehensive facilities, Air Clear’s Fibered Mist Collection Systems will guarantee efficiency, longevity, and sustainability across the diverse set of technologies in Asphalt Manufacturing.

Features of the Air Clear FiberBed Filter Mist Collector System

  • Brownian Diffusion FiberBed Filters to optimize efficiency and ensure 0% visible emissions (opacity).
  • Our FiberBed Filters are often used to filter condensable upstream of RTO’s protecting the heat recovery beds and eliminating frequent costly media replacements.
  • Technology tailored for Asphalt Industries and tested by industry experts to operate with minimal maintenance and maximum impact.
  • Cutting edge cooling options offer a variety incorporating water, air to air, and air to water systems to address any diverse site requirements.
  • Fast and seamless installation processes.
  • Dynamic Pre-Filter Options including a permanent filter, automated indexing filter and various extended surface technologies.
  • Waste Minimization through innovative water-oil separation recovery systems.
  • Our continuous Research & Development provides various additional solutions for many difficult industrial applications. These options include the use of UV, Photocatalytic oxidation, Bio reduction with enzymes, as well as specially designed Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Units designed for odorous sulfur compounds and other VOC’s to supplement your FiberBed Filter System when needed.
Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector on Asphalt Vent Tank Process

All States Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector on Asphalt Vent Tank Process

  • A wide range of skid-mounting and control packages available to serve the unique needs of each system.
  • Proactive Turn Key services provided from design, to permitting, to installation.
  • Pilot Units available to verify high efficiency and sustainability on site.
  • Total Vendor Responsibility service and maintenance contracts to certify the Air Clear commitment to sustained success.

The Standard Air Clear Asphalt Coater System:

  • High efficiency Cyclonic Cooler
  • Permanent Pre-filter
  • High efficiency Fibered Diffusion Filter
  • Controls integrated seamlessly into your operation.

In addition, Air Clear offers high efficiency replacement filters customized for a range of mist eliminators to boost system performance without painstaking modification. Simple, quick installation services are also available.

Tank Vent Systems:

The tank vent system is a single cohesive unit that maintains tank pressure to move air through the Air Clear system. Our systems can be sized for any size and can combine tank vents with loading station operations. As a full-service manufacturer, Air Clear also designs and manufactures Recuperative, Regenerative Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizer Systems.

Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing

Selecting Air Pollution Control Products in Asphalt Roofing

The asphalt roofing industry is absolutely essential to the function & safety of modern society. Shielding commercial & residential buildings from inclement weather & environmental hazards, asphalt roofing appears in many forms across houses, skyrises, parking garages & more. However, during the production of these building materials in each of these forms, it also leads to the generation of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) that degrade air quality if left unaddressed. Through the heating, agitation, & oxidation processes, asphalt manufacturing activates harmful gases. Specifically, asphalt storage & process tanks, blowing stills, loading racks, saturators, wet loopers, coating mixers, & sealant applicators can store & emit these HAPs. Strict emissions standards have been imposed, mandating that HAPs are filtered out of the exhaust stream.

To adhere to these standards, the asphalt roofing industry must utilize Air Pollution Control (APC) equipment. Three key questions can help identify the most effective APC equipment; Does the APC equipment maintain compliance with environmental regulations? Does the APC equipment require heavy maintenance & downtime? What is the lifetime cost of APC equipment? Air Clear will address each of these questions to ensure that only the most economically viable APC equipment is chosen.

Environmental Regulation

The Code of Federal Regulations Citation 40 CFR Part 63 Subparts & establishes national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP) for major & area sources involved in asphalt processing & asphalt roofing manufacturing. These standards stipulate that asphalt processing facilities & asphalt roofing manufacturing lines must operate & maintain APC & monitoring equipment. Asphalt emissions are limited for two pollutants: total hydrocarbons & particulate matter.

2 Chamber RTO Husky Asphalt Production

2 Chamber RTO Husky Asphalt Production

Air Clear delivered two APC systems to ensure that asphalt emissions standards are met & economic productivity is bolstered:

Air Clear Coalescing FiberBed Mist Collectors

The Air Clear FiberBed Mist Collector captures, collects, & removes liquid mists, aerosols, & submicron particles that cause opacity, smoke, & blue haze. Air Clear’s advanced coalescing FiberBed technology utilizes impaction, interception, & Brownian diffusion to eliminate mists & particulate matter for any gas stream. This technology is guaranteed to reduce stack opacity below five percent & remove upwards of 99 percent of particulate matter.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

Air Clear’s Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer eliminates HAPs, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), & odorous emissions by converting hydrocarbons to CO2 & water vapor. The Oxidizer eliminates as much as 99 percent of VOCs, well exceeding benchmarks set forth by the EPA including:

  • Maximum Achievable Control Technology
  • Best Available Control Technology
  • Lowest Achievable Control Technology
  • Reasonably Available Control Technology

Air Clear offers a combined APC system combining the FiberBed Filter Mist Collector and regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) to comprehensively fit the industrial asphalt emissions control roofing processes. The FiberBed Filter Mist Collector minimizes the buildup of condensables to enable the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer to most effectively eliminate VOCs.

Maintenance & Downtime

Maintenance & Downtime is paramount to the overall cost & effectiveness of APC technology. Asphalt roofing manufacturers must consider that extended downtime & frequent maintenance will amplify the expenses of APC equipment. Air Clear prioritizes low maintenance, low downtime technology like the Coalescing FiberBed Filter Mist Collector to ensure low price points & short pay-back time frames.

The Coalescing FiberBed Filter Mist Collector is designed specifically for continuous operation, marginal downtime & quick, easy maintenance checks. Tested prior to shipment, the Coalescing FiberBed Filter Mist Collector will mitigate emissions & increase performance without costly inspection or downtime.

Hand in Hand with the mist collector, the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer minimizes the cost of maintenance with high density ceramic insulation modules constructed to prevent costly spalling or erosion. Efficient & durable, Air Clear’s poppet valve design enables ease of maintenance through harsh conditions. Finished with long lasting epoxy coating, the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer capitalizes on all cost saving measures to deliver high performance at the lowest possible expense.

Operating Expenses

Air Clear understands that the cost of product is crucial to any asphalt manufacturers decision to purchase APC equipment. Spanning past upfront price, the total cost of APC equipment entails its energy consumption, maintenance needs, & downtime losses. Although it calls for higher initial investment, the increased scale of Air Clear Equipment will lead to higher energy efficiency, low operating costs, & minimized downtime to create notable long-term savings.

Air Clear’s FiberBed Filter Mist Collector System demonstrates the value of upfront investment in high grade APC equipment. Large filtration surface areas will dramatically reduce annual electricity costs & filter replacement costs.
Similarly, Air Clear’s Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer minimizes energy costs through a ceramic heat recovery system that reuses up to 95 percent of the system’s energy. The secondary heat recovery system & the safe fuel injection option multiply energy savings by capturing waste heat & lowering fuel use.


Air Clear can deliver the most cost-effective & durable technology to asphalt roofing manufacturing as it looks to adhere to mandatory industrial asphalt emissions control restrictions under the EPA. Air Clear’s APC equipment is deliberately designed to ensure compliance, maximize durability, minimize costs, & meet diverse system needs. The Coalescing FiberBed Filter Mist Collector & Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer are manufactured by Air Clear with leading technology to prioritize high efficiency, low maintenance, long life spans, energy savings, & reliable results. Air Clear designs & manufactures all APC equipment in Elkton, Maryland to achieve stringent quality control & scheduling. From engineering, to manufacturing, to installation to permitting, Air Clear will provide turnkey service to meet the needs of emission mitigation in the Asphalt Roofing industry. With a steadfast commitment to meeting mandatory emissions restrictions set by the EPA, Air Clear is dedicated to delivering the most cost-effective and durable technology for industrial asphalt plant emissions control systems in the roofing manufacturing sector. 

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