Control Asphalt Emissions Efficiently and Economically

Control Asphalt Emissions
Efficiently and Economically

Air Clear Fiberbed Mist Collector
Systems Situation Analysis:

Asphalt Processing inherently creates visible fume emissions due to vaporization of light fractions from the hot asphalt. These light hydrocarbons condense, causing the smoke or blue haze emissions typical of these asphalt manufacturing processes. The condensed vapors typically form sub-micron particles which are very difficult to control using common filtration systems.

Traditional filters designed for dry particulate do not drain recovered mists well, creating the need for frequent filter replacement. Electrostatic devices foul quickly, again creating an expensive maintenance problem. Air Clear’s Fiberbed Filters have become the method of choice for many Asphalt Manufacturing and Production Plants due to their high efficiency, long filter life, and low maintenance.

With our Coalescing Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector Systems, Air Clear offers the most advanced technology available, all targeted towards the bottom line. Whether you have a single storage tank, a large coater, or an entire facility, Air Clear has the optimum solution for you!

Air Clear Fiberbed Mist Collector

12,000 ACFM fiberbed filter mist collector system with pocket pre-filters on an asphalt roofing & shingle manufacturing process.

Air Clear Fiberbed Mist Collector System

  • Designed for the highest efficiency possible using field proven Brownian diffusion Fiberbed Filters 0-5% Opacity Guaranteed!
  • Designed specifically for Asphalt Applications, operates continuously with minimal maintenance. All Equipment tested prior to shipment to ensure optimum field performance.
  • Advanced cooling systems include water, air-to-air and air-to-water heat exchangers and ambient air cooling to meet your specific site requirements.
  • All filters designed for quick and easy access. No cranes or overhead lifting equipment is needed.
  • Pre-filter Options include permanent or replaceable panel and extended surface pre-filters.
  • Integral water-oil separation systems available to minimize waste.
  • Skid mounting and control packages available, from simple relays to sophisticated PLC’s.
  • Fabricated in our own shop improves responsiveness, ensures quality and controls costs.
  • Turnkey installation available for single source responsibility, engineering design, and permitting assistance.
  • Pilot units are available for on-site testing.
  • Service and maintenance contracts for total vendor responsibility, now and in the future.
Typical Asphalt Coater

2500 SCFM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) preceded by Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector System on Asphalt Roofing & Shingle Manufacturing Process in New Jersey.

Typical Asphalt Coater
System includes:

High efficiency cyclonic cooler, permanent pre-filter, high efficiency fiberbed diffusion filters, induced draft fan, and control package. Integral water/oil separators and other cooling and pre-filtration options available. Sizes to suit any capacity.

Air Clear also manufactures high efficiency replacement filters for many makes of mist eliminators. These filters often increase system performance without too much modifications. Simple installs and installation service also available.

Tank Vent

Tank Vent Systems often have no moving parts, relying on tank pressure to move the air through the system. Mounted at grade, radiant cooling condenses vapors before entering the filter. Standard sizes from 50 to 200 CFM, with and without fan. Air Clear is a full-service manufacturer of Industrial Air Pollution Control Systems.

In Addition to Mist Collector Systems, Air Clear designs and manufactures Recuperative and Regenerative Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizer Systems.

Tank Vent Systems

1,800 ACFM Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector System on Asphalt Vent Tank

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