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Air Clear is an air pollution control and energy recovery systems manufacturer headquartered in Elkton, Maryland, U.S.A.

Air Clear designs, manufactures, and installs various types of air pollution control equipment, such as, Regenerative & Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers, Catalytic Oxidizers, and Coalescing Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector Systems to an industrial worldwide client base.

When Air Clear, LLC was founded our goal was to offer our customers the best solutions possible for their air quality needs, and over the years, this goal has served us well.

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We offer variety of quality services listed below:

Engineering Services

Engineering Services
Air Clear is a global supplier of engineering services & air pollution control equipment to a diverse spectrum of industries

Field Services

Field Services
Field Services include the Installation of Air Pollution Control Equipment from the mechanical assembly to the complete installation

Air Quality Control System

Air Quality Control System
Installation of Air Pollution Control Equipment is a critical component of a successful project. To insure the equipment is installed properly

Thermal & Catalytic Oxidizers

Thermal & Catalytic Oxidizers
Catalytic Oxidizers (CATOX™) use a catalyst to promote the oxidation reaction to occur. Catalytic Oxidizer Systems requires less than half the heat of Thermal Oxidizer Systems

Fiberbed Systems

Fiberbed Systems
Coalescing Fiberbed Mist Collector Systems capture, collect, and remove the liquid mists, aerosols, and sub-micron particles

End to End Project Management

End to End Project Management
Air Clear’s Project Management Team insure all involved understand the interrelationship between system and process


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  • Acid-Scrubber For Ammonia Removal
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    Acid-Scrubber For Ammonia Removal
  • Rail Car, Truck Loading & Tank Vent Emission Control System
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    Rail Car, Truck Loading & Tank Vent Emission Control System
  • Waste Oxidizer
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    Waste Oxidizer-Air Pollution Control Options
  • Soil/Sludge & Slit Remediation
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    Soil/Sludge & Slit Remediation
  • New Energy Efficient RTO Oxidizer
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    New Energy Efficient RTO Oxidizer
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Asphalt Roofing/Shingle
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    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Asphalt Roofing/Shingle
  • Pre-Filters for Thermal Oxidizers
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    Pre-Filters for Thermal Oxidizers
  • High Efficiency RTO
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    High Efficiency RTO
  • Fiberbed Filter Replacement
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    Fiberbed Filter Replacement
  • Neighborhood Odor Complaints
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    Neighborhood Odor Complaints
  • Oxidizer on Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)
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    Oxidizer on Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)
  • Replacing Old Oxidizer with New Oxidizer
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    Replacing Old Oxidizer with New Oxidizer
  • Thermal Oxidizer (SVE) on PetroChemical
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    Thermal Oxidizer (SVE) on PetroChemical
  • Replaces Old Oxidizer w/New RTO
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    Replaces Old Oxidizer w/New RTO
  • Catalytic Oxidizer
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    Reducing Capital & Operating Costs with Catalytic Oxidizer
  • RTO for Petrochemical Plant
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    RTO for Petrochemical Plant

What Our Clients Say

  • Mark Driver
    Environmental Engineer

    Air Clear provided the exact solution that we were looking for in a timely manner. They were professional in their service and took the time to understand our unique needs and tailored a solution just for us.
    I highly recommend them!

  • Henry Company
    Matt Stofko, Plant Manager & John Day, VP of Environmental Health & Safety

    We manufacture roof & driveway repair products and the smell would travel quite a distance. We had several odor complains from the surrounding neighborhoods. Air Clear took us to a visit a couple of different plants with severe odor problems. We went back to our plant and put in an Air Clear Pilot System to see if the technology would be worth the investment. In 2006 we installed a permanent, Air Clear Mist Collector System and couldn’t be happier.

  • John Moller,  Plant Manager

    I have worked in the manufacturing industry most of my life and have built many long term relationships over that time. We partnered with Air Clear over 5 years ago and have not looked back since.
    Professional, attentive and very knowledgable. 

  • Jane Spence

    I want to thank Air Clear for their amazing customer service and for going the extra mile every time in order to help me find the solution we needed to a difficult problem. They made the task easy and pleasant and have saved us more than just money in the long term. 


Designing a Coalescing Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector System

Air Clear Catalytic Oxidizer Installation

Turnkey Regenerative (RTO) Thermal Oxidizer Project


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