Replacement Fiberbed Filters

Fiberbed Filters

Replacement Fiberbed Filters

Air Clear’s FiberBed Filters are both affordable & easily installed. They also come in various styles to meet your performance needs

Replacement Fiberbed

Are you frustrated with the Service and Cost of the other suppliers replacement Fiberbed Filters? Air Clear has the solution to your problem. Air Clear has replaced several of our competitor’s Replacement Fiberbed Filters over the years due to:

  • Bad Customer Service
  • Availability of product
  • Quality of product
  • Long term contracts
  • High Prices

Air Clear provides high efficiency replacement Fiberbed Filters at reasonable prices. Air Clear’s long life filters can provide several years of service before replacement filters are required.

Air Clear Coalescing Fiberbed Filters are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure design level field performance. This testing is the most stringent in the industry. Test conditions are more demanding than most field conditions.

Our Fiberbed filters are disposables so there is no return shipping cost (we don’t repack our disposable air filters). Air Clear’s technology and experience is based on over 30 years of satisfied customers. Call us today to discuss your Replacement Fiberbed Filter needs.

Cyclonic Scrubber, used for cooling inlet air and knocking large particulate out of the process stream.

Removable top FBF Unit in a confined space

Coalescing Fiberbed Filters
Mist Collectors (AIR CLEAR™)

Air Clear provides replacement Fiberbed Filters for all Coalescing Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector Systems including CVM replacement fiberbed filters. Air Clear’s Mist Collector Systems are Superior to our competitors fiberbed filter systems. Our service and understanding of your process is our utmost priority!

CVM Replacement
Fiberbed Filters

CVM replacement filters are available in 12’L and 6’L.  CVM Corporation is no longer in business.  Many companies still have CVM Filter Systems (Fume Eliminators) in operation. Air Clear is the only company who manufactures OEM replacement 12′ and 6′ coalescing filters for the CVM Fume Eliminator Systems. Air Clear, also supplies pre-filter media for the CVM Drum Eliminator Systems as well as services for the CVM Air Pollution Control Systems.

CVM Replacement Fiberbed Filters

Replacement Fiberbed Filter Job on CVM Coalescing Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector in Parthenon, GA

Replacement Fiberbed Filters
Replacement Fiberbed Filters
5,000 ACFM Drum Eliminator System

5,000 acfm drum eliminator system manufactured by CVM. Air Clear provides filter media for the drum eliminator system.

12,000 ACFM Filter Unit

12,000 acfm filter unit (fume eliminator) manufactured by CVM Corporation. Air Clear has been providing filters for this unit for 18 years.

3,600 ACFM Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector System

CVM 3,600 acfm fiberbed filter mist collector system on ammunition manufacturing process. The system has been in operation for over 30 years. Air Clear has been providing fiberbed filters for this unit for 18 years.

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