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Food Processing
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Food Processing

Air Clear has decades of experience serving the wide range of requirements in Food Processing Emissions Control. Air Clear has a menu of technology available to specifically meet the air pollution control needs of the diverse food processing industry. At Air Clear, we understand how to diagnose your application and tailor our technology to meet your food processing filtration needs.

Coffee Roasters

THERMOX Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

The roasting of coffee beans results in the emission of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, organic acids, and natural gas combustion products. Green coffee beans contain a wide variety of chemical compounds including proteins, fats, sugars, dextrin, cellulose, caffeine, and organic acids. Some of these compounds volatize, oxidize, or decompose as part of the roasting process. Toxic compounds such as aldehydes (as formaldehyde), organic acids (as acetic acid) and acrolein are emitted as a result of the coffee roasting process.

To efficiently control these food processing emissions, Air Clear has a full range of technologies including our THERMOX Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer, the CATOX Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer, THERMGEN Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, AND THERMCAT Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer. Each of these products will control air pollution and particulate / opacity emissions to meet your permit requirements. Air Clear will guarantee adherence to any emission control standards and prevent capitol-expensive replacement and maintenance fees.


Cocoa Processing converts raw cocoa beans into a paste that is ultimately fed into all other processes. To control and mitigate this process, Air Clear’s Coalescing FiberBed Filter Mist Collector Systems efficiently operates across cocoa manufacturing processes. When VOC regulation is not required, Air Clear can install the Coalescing FiberBed Filter Mist Collector System to control opacity.

Our systems use FiberBed diffusion filters to collect all submicron particulate and prevent opacity. FiberBed Filters collect both solid and liquid particulate to successfully control all cocoa manufacturing emissions effectively and economically.

Air Clear offers efficient Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Technology as the standard, recommended technology to achieve food processing emissions control. However, Air Clear’s Coalescing FiberBed Filter Mist Collector is a proven comprehensive APC technology for cocoa processing that can substantially lower capital expenses and operating costs. We will provide turnkey services to evaluate, design, and install the most cost-effective product to meet any food processors’ APC needs.

Deep Frying

In addition, Air Clear provides turnkey services for a range of deep-frying food manufacturers that produce odorous emissions & oil/grease coating through the manufacturing exhaust stacks.

Air Clear designs two technologies to control the emissions produced by deep frying & guarantee cost-effective installation; the FiberBed Mist Collector System and the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO). Air Clear ensures that each technology will effectively capture and coalesce more than 99 percent of all oil particulate matter greater than 0.1 microns. Our technologies offer low maintenance solutions to prevent excessive maintenance and downtime providing for an efficient manufacturing processes

Case Study:
Large Noodle Manufacturer in South Korea

THERMOX Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

21,000 SCFM 3 Chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO). Turnkey installation with very limited space.

6500 SCFM Catalytic Oxidizer

6500 SCFM Catalytic Oxidizer with primary and secondary heat recovery. The Catalytic Oxidizer was skid mounted reducing installation cost and start-up time.


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