Chemical Processing Emissions Control

Chemical Processing

Air Emissions Contro

Air Clear is highly experienced with the ever-changing environmental regulations in the chemical processing industry.

We are constantly evolving to ensure that our clients comply with environmental standards and maximize system productivity. From design, to manufacture, to installation, Air Clear offers turn key service and proactive interaction with clients to guarantee that our customers select optimal technology and thoroughly understand the benefits of our products.

These comprehensive
services include:

Emission Assessment

Air Clear will proactively diagnose the process flow and VOC/HAP concentrations to determine the mass balance, oxygen content and. LEL levels of any chemical processing system. Air Clear will ensure a high chemical emission destruction rate and low operating costs.

Process Emission Assessmen
Oxidation Technology

Optimized Oxidation
Technology Selection:

Air Clear makes available an array of oxidizing technologies that will suit the needs of any size operation and airflow volume. Air Clear will guarantee the optimal oxidizer technology is selected to meet any number of unique requirements at your plant, from continuous processing to batch operations

Efficient Mitigation of
Halogenated and Chlorinated Compounds:

In addition to oxidizer technology, Air Clear will install durable scrubbers to treat acid that forms from the oxidation of halogenated compounds. When integrated with oxidizers, our Scrubbers deliver a holistic APC solution.

Halogenated and Chlorinated Compounds
Industrial Asphalt Emissions Control

Design and Production:

Air Clear understands that minimizing costs and maximizing durability is a priority. We select, engineer and manufacture the most cost-effective, long lasting materials to prevent corrosion and system expenses.

Altogether, Air Clear provides a complete line of air pollution control equipment and emission control technology to meet the diverse needs of the Chemical Processing Industry. From Catalytic Oxidizers to Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO) to Scrubbers, Air Clear will guarantee regulatory adherence, seamless installation, efficient emission control technologies, and advanced system controls. We implement emission control technology for a range of applications including tank vents, amine gases, API separators, acid gases, and inert streams.

We encourage you to contact our engineering team with questions or schedule a meeting to discuss your product in detail. Online meetings via various applications (Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc.) are also available.

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