Metalworking Emissions Control

Metalworking Emissions Control for Metal Working Manufacturing

Metal Decoration
Emission Control

Air Clear has tried and true experience controlling the emissions from Metal Decorating Facilities to ensure compliance with environmental permit regulations. Metal Decorating is typically a process where metal is formed painted, or coated. Metal Packaging is the production of aluminum cans, drums, containers, closures and other components.

Newer regulations have made regulations more stringent for the control of Volatile Organic Compounds and Hazardous Air Pollutants emissions. Air Clear manufactures a wide selection of energy-efficient and cost-effective metalworking filtration systems that destroy over 99 percent of VOCs and HAPs while catering to your exact system needs.

Air Clear’s Coalescing FiberBed Filter Mist Collector System is optimal for any operation that does not require VOC control. Air Clear designs FiberBed diffusion filters to collect submicron particulate matter and prevent opacity. Our advanced metalworking filtration systems target solid and liquid particulate to effectively and economically control oil mist emissions from any operation.

3 Chamber RTO with a Secondary Heat Recovery System (HXT) in S.Korea

2 Chamber RTO for Coastal Aluminum on a Metal Decorator Application

Indexing Drum
Pre-Filter System (IPF)

In addition, Air Clear offers an Indexing Drum Pre-Filter System (IPF) with application-specific metalworking emission control with durable pre-filter materials to remove oils, lint, waxes and particulate from the exhaust…protecting main filters and extending their life.

When VOC control is required, Air Clear can custom design and install Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO’s) Rotary Concentrators, Catalytic Recuperative and Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers which can utilize a variety of our Pre-Filtering Technologies to remove contaminants upstream of the system.

For years, Air Clear’s Pre-Filter Technology has been adopted for many RTO systems to counteract the costly plugging problem in ceramic medias and boost durability for metal working systems.

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