Air Pollution Control Equipment Installation

Air Pollution Control Equipment Installation

Our engineers rigorously test all our air pollution control equipment in-house before it ever ships to our customers.

Installation of Air Pollution Control Equipment

Installation of Air Pollution Control Equipment is a critical component of a successful project. To ensure the equipment is installed correctly and in the most cost-effective manner, let the experts at Air Clear use our 30 years of installation experience to provide installation services for all your Air Pollution Control Equipment including:

Hear from Steven O'Connor about Air Clear's Turnkey Installation Process
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Electrical Installation
  • Collection Ductwork Design and Manufacture
  • Ductwork Installation
  • Pre-filtration Equipment for particulate and liquids removal
  • Tee dampers / Isolation dampers / Fire dampers
  • Permanent Total Enclosure Design

Air Clear's expert installation of your air pollution control devices & systems ensures seamless integration with the process and guarantees compliance.

2 Chamber RTO Installation

Installation of a 2 Chamber RTO for 3M.

FiberBed Filter Unit Installation

A FiberBed Filter Unit installed in Ningbo, China.

Air Clear’s FiberBed Filters Installation

Air Clear’s FiberBed Filters are both affordable & easily installed. They also come in various styles to meet your performance needs.

Air Clear FBF Units

Two Air Clear FBF Units both installed indoors in downtown Los Angeles, custom engineered to have a small footprint for our customer, perfect for when space is limited.

2 Chamber RTO Installation

2 Chamber RTO installation at ORAFOL Avon, CT.

Air Clear’s FiberBed Filter Unit Installation

Air Clear’s FiberBed Filter Unit arrives for installation in Los Angeles, CA.

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