Air Pollution Control Equipment Installation

Air Pollution Control Equipment Installation

All of our equipment is rigorously tested in-house by our engineers before it ever ships to our customers.

Installation of Air Pollution Control Equipment

Installation of Air Pollution Control Equipment is a critical component of a successful project. To ensure the equipment is installed correctly and in the most cost-effective manner, let the experts at Air Clear use our 30 years of installation experience to provide installation services for all your Air Pollution Control Equipment including:

  • Mechanical Installation
  • Electrical Installation
  • Collection Ductwork Design and Manufacture
  • Ductwork Installation
  • Pre-filtration Equipment for particulate and liquids removal
  • Tee dampers / Isolation dampers / Fire dampers
  • Permanent Total Enclosure Design

Air Clear’s expert installation of your air pollution control systems ensures seamless integration with the process, and guarantees compliance.

Installation of a 2 Chamber RTO for 3M.

A FiberBed Filter Unit installed in Ningbo, China.

Air Clear’s FiberBed Filters are both affordable & easily installed. They also come in various styles to meet your performance needs.

Two Air Clear FBF Units both installed indoors in downtown Los Angeles, custom engineered to have a small footprint for our customer, perfect for when space is limited.

2 Chamber RTO installation at ORAFOL Avon, CT.

Air Clear’s FiberBed Filter Unit arrives for installation in Los Angeles, CA.