Ethanol Production Emissions


Background To provide turnkey dry mill plant engineering and construction

Problem PROBLEM As a result of the ethanol manufacturing process, emissions from various sources require oxidation. In addition, a significant portion of the energy used in the emissions oxidation process is recovered to supply steam for plant operations.

Process Emissions Ethanol production emissions include carbon monoxide (CO) and a variety of organic hydrocarbons.

Solution Air Clear engineers designed, fabricated and installed a complete recuperative thermal oxidizer system which guarantees destruction of the CO and organics from the ethanol production process while producing steam for plant-wide production demand.

Process Equipment

  • The system is a recuperative and direct-fired thermal oxidizer (THERMOX™). It includes a custom-designed Low NOx burner, fuel delivery system, process gas injection system, recuperative heat exchanger and heat recovery steam generator (by others).
  • Special features allow the system to automatically modify oxidizer operations to continuously meet changing plant steam demand while maintaining destruction of plant emissions.
  • The entire system is remotely operated via a state-of-the-art distributive control system (DCS).
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