Ammonia Emissions Control

Emissions Control

Ammonia Emissions Control

In the United States and internationally, environmental regulations have driven the need for increased control of ammonia emissions. Ammonia emissions exhaust from industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications are a serious health hazard that is linked to toxic particulate matter and odor that require proactive control technology. Air Clear has developed a full range of advanced equipment that will reduce ammonia emissions with greater than 99 percent removal efficiency. Through turn key services, we will ensure that a custom system is designed, manufactured and installed to fully adhere to emissions regulation without requiring continual capitol expenses.


A foam production plant opened a new product line which emitted Ammonia in the process exhaust stream. The process exhaust stream p required an ammonia reduction of 99 percent in addition to zero opacity and fine particulate matter control


Air Clear designed and manufactured a 5,200 SCFM packed bed scrubber system that utilized a dual spray for converting Ammonia to a water-soluble salt while also capturing all airborne particulate matter in the sump of the scrubber.


The process equipment consisted of a 316 stainless steel vessel and piping, overlapped dual layer spray nozzles, packed bed with a 6-foot-wide spray nozzle. The unit has a redundant pump arrangement to ensure constant, unimpeded service. The PLC program was designed to allow for minimal user interface, one button on and one button off functioning.

Case Study

Cell Foam Production Line in North Carolina

Closed Cell Foam Production Line in North Carolina

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