Emission Control for
Coating Processes

The ‘coater’ is used to describe a wide range of coating processes that apply a material onto surfaces or substrates. From metal surfaces to textiles coating operations provide materials with ‘surface appeal’ and more importantly protection of the substrate from attack.

Air Clear’s expertise in engineering and custom designed solutions is fostered by 30 years of diverse coater experience.

Air Purification System

The result is a wide variety of clients in various coating applications that have directly benefited from our experience. It also is evident that our guaranteed efficient performance and optimized VOC/HAP destruction has helped Air Clear to earn an excellent reputation within the industry. Air Clear is often called upon to perform service on our competitor’s equipment and to design creative solutions for their abatement technology.

We understand the coating industry, we know what it takes to create superior air pollution control equipment and we know how to integrate the two skill sets to provide the best value to our customers. Price, performance, online reliability and service are engineered into every project we provide.

From various tapes, aluminum cans, paper, wire to blinds and protective layering, Air Clear’s engineers understand how to address and overcome the challenges that can come with treating emissions from all coating processes.

With 30 years of experience, Air Clear is proficient in treating the emissions from flow coaters of all types. Our expertise and familiarity in the coating industry, affords us the unique opportunity to bring together solutions from previous jobs into the wide variety of new coating applications.

Customized Emission Control for Coatings
Air Filter Systems

Customized Emission Control for Coatings

Customizing your solution starts with our engineers assessing/analyzing your industrial coating application by reviewing your process stream and quantifying the emissions. Air Clear supports our potential customers by helping them to choose the best abatement technology for their process. As leaders in the industry because we know how to design proven systems that will keep you competitive within your industry and compliant. Our Systems are a great investment for both your business and your surrounding community.

Experience and Innovation in Emission Control

Air Clear’s vast experience and technological innovations within the coating industry, in conjunction with our coating application knowledge, allows us to evaluate and address your specific specific process concerns.

Contact us today to discuss your project needs and let us explain how we can help.

Air Emissions Control
3 chamber RTO

3 chamber RTO with secondary heat recovery on CCL in S. Korea

2 Chamber RTO with Prefilter

Orafol 79201 35,000 CFM 2 Chamber RTO with Prefilter

27,000 SCFM 3 Chamber RTO

27,000 SCFM 3 Chamber RTO on Color Coating Line in S. Korea

2 Chamber RTO

2 Chamber RTO on a coating application for Alcoa (Coastal Aluminum) in Knoxville, TN

Color Coating Line 2 chamber RTO

Color Coating Line 2 chamber RTO S. Korea

Film Coater 125,000 SCFM

Film Coater 125,000 SCFM for 3M in Knoxville, TN

RTO Prefilter

RTO Prefilter with Fan Sound Enclosure

10,000 SCFM Skid Mounted 2 Chamber RTO

10,000 SCFM Skid Mounted 2 Chamber RTO

5 Chamber RTO Film Coater

5 Chamber RTO Film Coater

3 Chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

3 Chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) on Adhesive Coating Process

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