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Renewable energy is an industry that is rapidly growing throughout the world. In the United States production of ethanol has been significantly increased due to the Clean Air Act requirement for a 2% oxygen weight volume in reformulated gasoline (RFG).

Currently in North America, clean burning fuels sourced from renewable, domestic biomasses, (like Ethanol) have grown to be one of the most economically viable fuel additives available.

Unfortunately, the production of these fuels creates a major problem due to high level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and particulate matter (PM) produced during the production. All of the pollutants are monitored and regulated by environmental agencies across the world.

Ethanol Energy

These agencies are typically allowing US Ethanol manufacturers to operate with ‘minor source’ status provided that they keep total tonnage of key pollutants below 250 tons per year. Operational fines/penalties and restrictions are causing plants to plan for future expansions and seek out environmental emission control equipment that will adhere to the lowest possible emission standards.

Air Clear’s experience with the oxidation* of VOC emission has roots in similar industrial fields such as pharma dryers. The techniques developed for these industries have then evolved over the years into corn/cellulosic based ethanol and the processing of bio fuels. To learn more about the available emission control technology and equipment options that Air Clear can provide, please contact us today.

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Air Clear has been a leader in Air Emission control technologies internationally for decades. If you cannot find your industry listed above please send us your contact email and a sales associate will get back to you, to discuss your process and how we can help. For more information, questions or case studies please contact Air Clear today.

At Air Clear we strive to provide our customers with proven cost effective designs/technologies that are customized for your industrial application. Air Clear provides next generation air emission control technology, ensuring your system will remain compliant with the strictest of air pollution control laws for years to come.

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