Oil & Gas Industry

Air Emission Control for
Oil & Gas Industry

Offering various air abatement technologies, Air Clear has continuously supplied cost-effective equipment for the destruction of air toxins from petroleum refineries.

Air Clear’s experience in the Oil & Gas industry providing reliable solutions for our client’s air emission control challenges. We have worked on a wide range of applications with a diverse list of companies across the world.

Air Clear’s
approach to the Oil & Gas industry is simple

Our equipment is engineered & manufactured with safety and proficiency in mind. Our abatement strategy has always been that we make certain all Air Clear units in the field perform reliably and remain durable. Ensuring that they can withstand challenging contaminants associated with Oil & Gas applications and production facilities.

Comprehensive Project Development

Air Clear’s comprehensive project development involves courteous collaborations with our clients, listening to their needs and developing creative solutions for any potential budget constraints.

Our engineers work hard to bring cutting edge treatment options to the table and oversee our in-house manufacturing, ensuring only the highest quality products leave our shop floor.

Air Clear also performs both in house (or digital) rigorous factory acceptance testing before our units ever ship out to your project site. Finally, our electrical engineers utilize the most innovative automation and programing for our control panels.

2 Chamber RTO on Oil & Gas Process

7,500 SCFM Electric CATOX

Direct Fired TOX on Loading Station

Emission Control Oil and Gas Industry

TOX Rail Car Loading Fuel

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer on Oil & Gas Process

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer on Oil & Gas Process; SS with HTB

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer with a Self Indexing Prefilter on Oil & Gas Process

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