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For the pharmaceutical industry, byproduct emissions are a significant concern, and, therefore, heavily regulated by EPA standards. We understand the struggles that many pharmaceutical companies have in making sure to provide clean air technology to be compliant with international regulations. At Air Clear, our experience in identifying and accommodating specific emissions requirements makes us the number one choice for reducing the carbon footprint of the pharmaceutical industry.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Pharmaceutical Air Pollution Solutions

From Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilization to fluidized bed processing, pill mixing, and coating, air pollution caused by the pharmaceutical industry has a wide range.

Since each industry has different requirements and needs, we start by evaluating the process operating characteristics, including exhaust flows, VOC constituents, and oxygen levels.

Our team of experts then uses the information to analyze the application and select the most efficient and cost-effective solution for emissions control.

Completing the Process From Start to Finish

Once the correct technology for your application is identified, we take the build and installation process from start to finish. If necessary, we can also help with the design of control integration, heat recovery systems, and fume collection enclosures. At Air Clear, our highly trained and skilled team has the experience to handle the toughest applications including inorganic acids to chlorinated contaminants.

Our Service Includes:

  • Compliant and Safe operation verified by third Party Process Hazard Analysis
  • Guaranteed Uptime for continuous regulatory compliance
  • 99%+ DRE Destruction Efficiency

Proven, reliable, and effective technologies to provide 24-hour dependability With our 30 years of extensive experience in a broad range of industries, we can handle any industry emission problem you need to solve. And we go to work immediately to eliminate or limit production downtime, which can affect your bottom line. When you have pharmaceutical pollution, Air Clear has the solution – guaranteed.

2 chamber RTO and Caustic Scrubber on a Pharmaceutical application

Two Chamber RTO – Pharmaceuticutal Pill Coating

Recuperative CATOX for Pharma_ in house FAT

2 Chamber RTO on Pharma with High Temperature Bypass

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