Government Contracts


Over the years, Air Clear has been executing
government contracts in various processes and applications

Air Purification System

Providing innovative environmental solutions for a wide range of government projects, Air Clear’s unparalleled ability to provide compliance with specifications, as well as handling all of the necessary detailed documentation often associated with government jobs.

With three decades of experience carrying out complex government projects, Air Clear is a proven and capable partner.. The department of Commerce has even sent Air Clear overseas on numerous occasions, most recently to both China and India, in-order to demonstrate the US business air pollution control equipment capabilities.

Like many great American success stories, Air Clear began operation in the basement of the founder, David O’Connor’s home. From this humble beginning, Air Clear has since grown to become an industry leader, providing custom tailored, expertly engineered air pollution abatement solutions for industrial clients all over the world with the most competitive pricing available.

Throughout the last 30 years
of operation

Air Clear has evolved its products in step with various environmental regulations put forth by the EPA and other regulatory bodies around the globe.

For example, allowable opacity measurement (the amount of smoke permitted post-treatment) was 20% when the company was founded. Today, it's 0%. This is typical of increasingly stringent environmental regulations, and Air Clear has kept pace with its products, engineering designs and processes to become a center of expertise in meeting these standards for clients.

Air Clear specializes in several areas, but primarily designs and manufactures air pollution filtration equipment for industrial manufacturing clients that need to mitigate their emissions, or noxious odors in adherence with federal, local or international regulations.

Air Clear had been awarded government contracts for years, with an ability to customize, in-conjunction with, our capacity to take on difficult government environment projects that the competition cannot. This talent stems from decades of experience in original designs that can be adapted through engineering to perfectly suit each challenge. At Air Clear, we also specialize in the repair/replacement of aging filtration and oxidization equipment. The EPA is continuously implementing new environment-focused regulations, so servicing, replacing and maintaining aging equipment, (so our customers can remain compliant) is also a very large part of what we do best.

Over the years Air Clear has won multiple government projects, which opened a new stream of additional opportunities in the federal sector, leading to several recent high-profile installations

Air Filter Systems

Our expert staff has been thoroughly trained on how to work safely and always conducts themselves professionally whenever on any job site. Air Clear knows how to tackle government projects and prides itself on being an American company that came meet milestones/deadlines without ever sacrificing the quality that we are known for.

While most American manufacturing companies depend on China for parts and services, Air Clear is an American company that is strong enough to generate business from China. With the movement to bring manufacturing and industrialization back to U.S. soil, Air Clear believes that for a successful future the USA needs to keep growing. One way to do that is by helping our government stay compliant with its own regulations.

At Air Clear we understand the role that air quality equipment has in your operation, which is why reliability is of the utmost importance to our engineers.

Air Clear’s integrated design, sales, engineering, manufacturing, and service teams allow us to analyze customers’ applications. Next, our skilled team then collects that information with the goal of developing innovative solutions, using sustainable technology and field proven solutions in our air pollution control equipment.

The result is the development of cost effective, innovative, environmentally sound and proprietary air pollution control solutions for your government environment project needs.

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