Air Clear’s Spare Parts

Maintain compliance, ensure preparedness, and reduce/prevent downtime by implementing Air Clear’s customized air filter parts procedure. Tailored to your pollution control system requirements, our NEW Spare Parts Services takes the guesswork out of ordering backup components.

Air Clear will simplify your air pollution inventory parts acquisition process by promptly providing the necessary components for your system. Our engineering professionals can quickly assess your equipment and determine the required spare parts, even if it isn’t our system. Our comprehensive vendor network allows us to procure priority service and favorable pricing, which we pass on to our clients.

Air Clear’s extensive spare air filter parts program supports pollution control equipment and ancillary equipment such as scrubbers, poppet valves, pumps, and fans. By reviewing your BOM and P&ID, our exclusive spare parts system takes inventory of your unit and classifies parts into a 3-point category:

  • Level #3 – Imperative: These parts require frequent maintenance and are vital to the system’s operation.
  • Level #2 – Threatening: The parts infrequently fail; however, if they do, you will be offline.
  • Level #1 – Suggested: The parts in this category are not critical for operation.

Imperative parts are essential to your air pollution control unit’s operation and require frequent maintenance. Threatening elements are fundamental to the operation of your unit and may or may not be hypercritical. Finally, suggested parts do not generally fail and are not critical to your system operation.

If you are looking for convenience, then Air Clear’s NEW Spare Parts Services are a cost-effective and convenient way to ensure compliance, preparedness, and process uptime. Packages are discounted over the cost of ordering individual parts. With individualized part classification and suggested inventory Air Clear has created a sensible approach to stocking so that the Head of our Service Department can assign a Service Application Coordinator for all your parts that require service. Our vendor network allows for lower pricing, pre-negotiated terms & conditions, and a stock of critical parts kept in-house at Air Clear for immediate shipment.

The most common question about air filter parts is the average lead time. The fact is that most components take 4-6 weeks from receipt of the PO. However, for a reasonable storage fee, Air Clear will stock our customer’s critical parts at our Elkton, Maryland facility or our warehouse in Houston, TX. Anything we have in stock can be overnighted. This program is known as Spare Part Storage Package.

To avoid unexpected downtime, request a quote for individual air filter parts with a recommended Spare Parts Service Contract or a Spare Part Storage Package to minimize spare part delivery time. Whether you are looking for preventative maintenance or just fast and easy access to your critical components (without taking up your valuable space), let Air Clear store your parts off-site. For extra savings and expedited speed, combine both packages. Just reach out to an Air Clear representative today!

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