Soil/Sludge & Slit Remediation

Air Clear LLC engineers developed the first-ever transportable direct-fired rotary kiln incinerator used for soil/sludge remediation. The system required special considerations for mobility, waste feed and temperature control.
Client:  US Army Toxic & Hazardous Materials Agency
Location:  Savannah Army Depot, Savannah, Illinois USA
Background:   During the manufacturing of explosives and propellants, the loading, assembly, and packing of munitions, large quantities of contaminated wastewater, i.e. “pink water," were disposed of into lagoons.
Problem:   The water portion of these lagoons evaporated over time, leaving a heavily contaminated soil base.  The level of contaminants threatened the water tables on-site.
Waste Description:  Soils and lagoon sludge materials contaminated TNT / RDX /HDX and other explosives. Total percent explosives were as high as 41%.
Process Equipment:  The system designed was a transportable direct-fired rotary kiln incinerator with a waste heat boiler and dry fabric filter scrubber system.  A waste heat boiler was used reduce the gas temperature exiting the secondary combustion chamber prior to entering the dry fabric filter scrubber.
Sampling proved greater than 99.99% DRE in the kiln ash and greater than 99.9999% DRE in the fabric filter ash.
Stack sampling proved compliance with all Federal and State regulations including SO2, HCl, NOx and CO.

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