Acid-Scrubber For Ammonia Removal

Acid Scrubber for Ammonia Removal

Acid-Scrubber for Ammonia Removal for a closed cell foam production line
Background:  A new product line continuous oven with Ammonia (NH3) off-gassing in the waste stream. Is located in and around a residential area.
Problem:  The waste process stream needed the NH3 (Ammonia) to be reduced by 99% using an acid. The waste stream also had particulate matter that required removal.
Waste Description:  The contaminants included NH3 (Ammonia) in gaseous form as well as particulate matter, at 180 degrees F, that is being induced the hood at the end of the production oven. The waste stream is moved through the process fan and into the Acid-Scrubber.
Process Equipment:  The process equipment consists of a 316 Stainless Steel vessel and piping, overlapped dual layer spray nozzles, a packed bed, with a 6-foot wide spray nozzle.
Solution:  Air-Clear manufactured a 5,200 SCFM ( at 180 degrees F) acid scrubber. The process waste stream moves through a preliminary cooling section. This section acts as a safety temperature  quench. The waste stream then  travels through twin overlapping knockdown sprays. This portion of the scrubber knocks out particulate matter as well as the gaseous Ammonia (NH3) into the sump. The waste stream moves on through an 8-foot packed bed. The packed bed section creates an extended interaction with the acid in the packed bed.  The cleaned stream goes through a demister before exiting from the stack.  The unit has a redundant pump arrangement to ensure constant uninterrupted service. This function is completely automated.
The PLC program was designed to operate with minimal user interface, the design philosophy is one button on, one button off. The interlocking screens are intuitively laid out. The HMI has an overview screen that shows all pertinent information at a glance.

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