Controlling Textile Tenter Frame Emissions

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Air Clear Fiberbed Mist Collector Systems offer the most advanced technology available, all targeted towards improving your bottom line.  Whether you have a single Tenter Frame, also referred to as Stenter Frame, or an entire facility of Tenter Frames, Air Clear has the optimum solution!

Textile manufacturing emissions inherently creates visible fume emissions due to vaporization of light fractions from the hot Tenter Frame ovens process exhaust. These hydrocarbons condense, causing the “smoke” or “blue haze” emissions typical of these processes. The condensed vapors typically form submicron particles which are very difficult to control using common filtration systems. Traditional filters designed for dry particulate don’t drain recovered mist well, creating the need for frequent filter replacement. Electrostatic devices foul very quickly, again creating an expensive maintenance problem and downtime – as well as a potential Fire Hazard.  Air Clear has replaced several ESPs with Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector Systems over the years due to fire damage.

Air Clear Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector System have become the method of choice for controlling Textile Manufacturing emissions due to their high efficiency and low maintenance. Air Clear brings fiberbed filter technology to a new level, ensuring your system will meet increasingly stringent air quality requirements for many years to come.