Food Processing Emissions Control

Food Processing Emissions Control

RTO with Pre-Filter on Food & Spice Manufacturing Plant
RTO with Pre-Filter on Food & Spice Manufacturing Plant

Air Clear has extensive experience in Food Processing emissions control. We have food industry Air Pollution Control (APC) Systems on several various processes and recommend various APC technologies for different applications.

Coffee Roasters

The roasting of coffee beans results in the emission of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, organic acids, and natural gas combustion products. Green coffee beans contain a wide variety of chemical compounds including proteins, fats, sugars, dextrin, cellulose, caffeine, and organic acids. Some of these compounds volatize, oxidize, or decompose as part of the roasting process. Consequently, toxic compounds such as aldehydes (as formaldehyde), organic acids (as acetic acid) and acrolein are emitted as a result of the coffee roasting process.
Air Clear recommends Thermox™ Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer, CATOX™ Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) to combat food industry pollution.

Cocoa Processing

Cocoa processes involved in converting the raw cocoa beans into a paste which is then fed to all the other processes.  Air Clear has Coalescing Fiberbed Filters Mist Collector systems operating on several Cocoa manufacturing processes. In cases where VOC control is not required, Air Clear recommends the use of an Air-Clear Coalescing Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector System to control opacity. Air Clear systems use fiberbed diffusion filters to collect the submicron particulate that is the cause of opacity. Fiberbed filters are designed to collect both solid and liquid particulates, and they have been used successfully for many years for effective and economical Cocoa manufacturing and other food processing emissions control.
Some APC Manufacturers recommend Thermal Regenerative Oxidizers (RTO) for the control of Cocoa processing. Air Clear manufacturers RTO’s as well, however Air Clear’s Coalescing Fiberbed Filter Mist Collector is proven APC technology for the Cocoa processing at a substantially lower capital and operating cost.

Catalytic Oxidizer with primary & secondary heat recovery returning heated air back to ovens.

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